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Dora Lewis

About us

Future House Cloud

Welcome to the official website of the independent Music Label & YouTube channel, Future House Cloud!
We promote new and upcoming artists and their masterpieces in the future & deep house genres.
If you have any questions about Future House Cloud, refer to the contact section.
The goal is to provide you with the best and newest music the genre of future and deep house music has to offer.
With daily YouTube uploads we share our selected taste of music to a large and influential community.

Our ultimate goal is to change established standards of today’s music industry and open up the business.
We want to push upcoming artists and give them a chance to share their work.
For us their music is the key even if they don’t know the right people with influence.
Future House Cloud cares about every single artist no matter how famous or popular.
All that matters is their passion and love to creating beautiful music.
We want you to hear beautifully and heartily produced music.

This is our ambition.